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Tips on Hiring the Best Criminal Lawyer

A person’s life can take a turn for the worse just because an individual received a courtesy call from the police. They quickly move from being innocent, a responsible citizen to criminal offenders. In order to ensure fairness and proper representation, an accused person should hire the services of a reputable advocate right from the word go. Right from the stage of investigation where such persons are summoned by the police to be interrogated, to the very end of the matter in question, the accused person should have their advocate by their side.

When it comes to defending a client, the advocate wears many hats. First and foremost, the advocate is their client’s confidant. The advocate always insists that their client give them proper details of their case. Such advocates can only get the proper details by getting full disclosure from their clients. This discussion has to be held in confidence. In the legal cycles, this right is termed as the attorney client privilege. This means that an attorney cannot be compelled even by a court of law to divulge any information given to them by their client. There is an exception to this law, that’s if the client has an intention of committing criminal acts in future.

When the police conduct an arrest, they first read the accused their Miranda rights. This is to inform them that they are under no obligation to divulge any information to anyone concerning the matter in question. If the accused person volunteers the information, it can implicate them. After reading a person these rights, the law enforcement officers proceed to interrogate the suspect vigorously. They even use tricks and false promises to ensure they get the information they are seeking from the accused person. If they have an advocate, they are well advised.

If such a matter is taken to court, the criminal defense lawyer negotiates for favorable bail terms for their client. After all, a person is always assumed innocent until proven guilty. If the court grants bail, the accused person can go back to their lives as the case hears their matter. Advocates are a proactive and quick thinker. They will, therefore, get as much information as well as the inquire on what evidence will be used in a court of law before the police hand over their charge sheet to the prosecution team.

A suspect should never take a criminal matter lightly. One wrong move and they will end up in jail. The type of criminal lawyer, the team of lawyers and cost of hiring the said advocates is contingent on the weight of the matter. Criminal matter range from misdemeanors to felonies. The level of punishment is different for every crime. Murder, robbery with violence and drug related case carry a life or death sentence while others matters have lighter sentences. For more information visit the web.

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